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Why #Zimbabwe Telecoms Mogul Strive Masiyiwa Would be a Disaster & Worse President Than Mugabe

Why #Zimbabwe Telecoms Mogul Strive Masiyiwa Would be a Disaster & Worse President Than Mugabe

by Stephen Jakes
A political observer and analyst Abel H Sibanda has described the view that a Zimbabwean popular businessman Strive Masiyiwa should be a President after Robert Mugabe can be a disaster of the nation.

He said there is growing speculation that Strive Masiyiwa might consider running for President of Zimbabwe in #Elections2018.

“Citing from his facebook post which he said he is preparing to announce, ‘something different that will shock you’ and also said ‘its not like my previous ventures’ most of the people concluded that the Zimbabwe’s richest man will announce his candidature January 2017. So this Christmas I would like to go line by line explaining the dangers of electing business people #NonPoliticians to any political position not only the presidency,” Sibanda wrote on a blog.

“I have nothing against the Telecoms magnate but I wanna pool the wool out of many people’s eyes. Zimbabweans we have been reduced to #ChauyaChaya we want anything that is not Zanu PF and Mugabe, but this mentality will plunge us into an un escapable crisis. Business success does not depict good governance, and I think all internationalists like me are still dealing with the bad hangover that was left by the unexpected, Trump electoral collage victory which earned him the presidency.”

“We might say electoral collage does not really reflect the will of the people but still lets face it he might have lost the popular vote but still 62 million are real voters, people who consider Trump to be better citing reasons that they want someone who runs America like a business. But only to realize that they voted in someone who will run America for his business,” he added.

Sibanda said on July the 7th 2016  Econet Wireless Zimbabwe blocked social media for the whole population of Zimbabwe in an attempt to silence activists who were communicating mostly on social media to organize protests against oppression.

“By helping Mugabe to silence descent Strive Masiyiwa is equally guilty. After all despite the fact that some of us have bought daily bundles which expire in a day we were robbed off our hard gotten dollars and we were not compensated. So his presidency will lead in the crusade to block social media since he holds much shares in Econet Zimbabwe the largest network provider,” he said.

“He might sound cool when he speaks from the west but most of his African partners are chest beating ultra-nationalist leaders like Uhuru Kenyatta of Kenya, Paul Kagame and Yoweri Museveni. Like Kabila it is his relationship with old dictators which sees him being one at a very tender age, so lets look up to see Supreme Leader Masiyiwa.”

He said Masiyiwa might attempt the risky step to join Zimbabwean politics emboldened by the Trump victory which proves that money can buy voters and and also confined by the links he have to Africa’s Strong man but it is good for Zimbabweans to think twice, thrice before they cast a vote for him, because he might be a charismatic leader Africa is really thirsty of but that comes with a price, loosened labor laws which will attract Foreign Direct Investment with the population paying a heavy price for it.

“Instant employment termination, long working ours and child labor will be the order of the day. Most importantly his presidency will be a part time job since he is getting extra money from it, while his decisions will be made with the direct consideration of his financial interests, hence national interests will be forgotten,” he said.

But Masiyiwa’s through facebook has distanced himself from the Presidency ambitions.


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Stephen Jakes

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