#Zimbabwe #ThisFlag Pastor Evan Mawarire officially moves to USA

Zimbabwe anti Mugabe activist Pastor Evan Mawarire of #ThisFlag mvoement has offically emigrated to USA with his family.

Mugabe had threatened to jail him if he came back to Zimbabwe.

Did pastor Evan sell out? Should he have stayed in Zimbabwe to face Mugabe like what Tsvangirai did?

Activists like Promise,Sten and Patson to mention a few are still here fighting from the front .Does it mean they can’t  find refuge in neighboring countries .. No! Surely if they wanted they would have gone to better countries long ago..but what’s stopping them is the work at hand.They are prepared to die or get arrested for that cause.That’s the resilience we want on every Zimbabwean.Pastor must come back and fight from the front if we are to win this together.He shouldn’t give an excuse saying because #thisflag is not a one man’s movement so ..’ .That we know very well but we want action together while here in Zimbabwe not addressing some students somewhere in air conditioned university halls whilist some are marching here this sweltering summer.

What if everyone say its not one man’s movement and move to other countries .It won’t help ! We the people should unite and fight in Zimbabwe not to try to find asylums and protect ourselves otherwise its no longer #hatichatya its #takutya!!



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