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Zimbabwe to conquer challenges, prosper

Emmanuel Makandiwa

Herald Reporters
Millions of Christians all over Zimbabwe converged at different venues for conferences and meetings over the Easter holidays which ended yesterday to celebrate the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

The general message characterising the conferences was about the hope in the death and resurrection of Jesus which preachers said symbolised the turnaround of the country’s fortunes.

The United Family International Church held its Easter conference in Chitungwiza, which was presided by Emmanuel Makandiwa’s Ghanaian spiritual father, Prophet Victor Kusi Boateng.

Preaching to the thousands of people who attended the conference after reading from Genesis 22, Prophet Boateng said Africa should rise up and come out of problems it is facing.

He said leaders on the continent should prioritise beneficiation of natural resources to benefit the majority.

“We have oil in Nigeria, Ghana, Equatorial Guinea and many other areas that can make Africa the biggest oil producer in the world,” said Prophet Boateng.

“But we have no refinery. They send the oil to America, France and they come back to sell the same oil to us. In Ghana, 92 percent of people living near a big gold mine have never seen gold, but in Dubai (where the gold is sent) they have the gold.

“What is the problem with Africa? The map of Africa is like a question mark, with Madagascar as the full stop.”

Prophet Boateng said like Abraham, who set up a plan when he was told by God to sacrifice his only son Isaac, leaders in Africa should come up with a plan for God to bless the continent.

He said Zimbabwe was about to be taken out of poverty and that the devil was happy for people to be in poverty.

“When you are tied in poverty no one cares, no one bothers you,” he said.

“You are about to be loosed and you are about to take a new turn as Zimbabwe.”

Zion Christian Church (ZCC) leader Bishop Dr Nehemiah Mutendi preached to thousands of people at the church’s conference in Masvingo, where he said the country’s economy will be resuscitated the same way Jesus resurrected when His enemies thought He had died in vain.

“I know some of you have problems in your businesses or marriages,” he said.

“If you believe in Jesus’ resurrection, then your business will be revamped again.

“When Jesus died, those who did not believe in God thought He had died in vain not knowing that He was going to rise from the dead.

“In the same way, our economy which is facing a number of challenges now, will turnaround.”

Prophetic Healing and Deliverance Ministries leader Prophet Walter Magaya told thousands of people at his church in Waterfalls, Harare that they should always be confident because of the name of Jesus.

“You carry the highest authority under the sun,” he said.

“You must gain confidence. Everyone must look at you and ask you what would have happened to you.

“Tell them ‘I know what happened to me. I know where I am going’.”

Speaking in an interview, Apostolic Christian Council of Zimbabwe president Bishop Johannes Ndanga said the resurrection day was crucial to Christians.

“On Friday we commemorated the death of Christ, but today (Sunday), we are celebrating his resurrection,” he said.

“The resurrection day is more important because it symbolises victory. It symbolises the victory of our faith.

“It gives us hope that no matter the problems we encounter as Christians, if we strongly believe, there is always light at the end of the tunnel.”

Bishop Advocate Joshua Chirambwe of Prophetic Ministry International said the resurrection day gives Christians hope for restoration.

The United Apostolic Faith Church leader Bishop Busani Sibanda said: “Many people make noise about the death of Jesus Christ and end there, but we, as a church, subscribe to the notion that the empty tomb is the hallmark of the Christian faith.

“That is what separates Christianity from other religions. We have a living Christ and resurrection fulfils the Lord’s promises to us.”

Apostolic Faith Mission’s (AFM) Agape Word Worship Assembly in Harare also held its conference where Pastor Brian Kundita assured the believers that because of Easter, God was the protector of His people.

Pastor Eddie Mushangwe of ZAOGA said in Chitungwiza that Easter was about the blood of Jesus which cleanses everything.

In Ruwa, the United Methodist Church held its Easter meeting in Zimre Park where District Superintendent Reverend Joseph Bonga spoke about the grace availed to the people through the resurrection of Jesus.

Simba Rekutenda Church’s Pastor Elisha Bwanyira told church members gathered in Zvimba for a provincial Easter conference about the importance of having the passover.

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