Zimbabwe: TPF Cautions Against July 31 Protest During Covid-19 Menace

Newly formed opposition, The Patriotic Front (TPF) believes Zimbabweans must turn their focus towards fighting the Covid-19 pandemic and reserve political confrontation for another day.

Party secretary for information, Mxolisi Ncube said Monday the fledgling political outfit will not take part in anti-government demonstrations planned for 31 July.

The peaceful demonstrations are meant to protest against massive high-level corruption blamed for the country’s deepening economic crisis.

Ncube told NewZimbabwe.com that his party was more worried ordinary Zimbabweans’ lives were being sacrificed on the alter of making political statements.

He said his party felt Zimbabweans should find it in themselves to decide on whether to join the planned protests or simply stay at home without doing so in the name of any political parties.

“Our position is that we cannot stop people who want to join the march in their individual capacity from doing so,” Ncube said.

“We are concerned about the timing of the protest, at a time that the world, including Zimbabwe is trying to grapple with the ravaging effects of the Covid-19 pandemic.

“We believe in the sanctity of human life and would urge our leaders to ensure its protection under any circumstances.

“While worried that things are economically bad and worsening in Zimbabwe by the day, we should join our hands and direct our efforts towards beating the Covid-19 pandemic as an immediate concern.”

The planned national protest is being organised by Jacob Ngaruvhume, leader of the opposition Transform Zimbabwe and has also received huge support from MDC Alliance and some civil society organisations.

Ncube added, “We would not like to throw our fellow citizens on the line of fire of this pandemic.

“We are worried about the state of our hospitals, their lack of resources and the low morale of health workers.

“We note that the Covid-19 cases are rising exponentially and fear that this will keep getting worse and claiming more lives.”

He also said the planned protest could further overwhelm local hospitals and risk the lives of both citizens and health workers.

Ncube also pleaded with government to urgently attend to matters affecting citizens, especially the economic crisis in the country.

“Zimbabweans can ably live, work and plan their lives without having to scrounge for the basics,” he said.

TPF is the latest opposition party to turn down the anti-corruption demonstrations after Mthwakazi Republic Party, Thokozani Khuphe’s MDC-T and ZAPU will not be part of the citizen action.

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Zimbabwe: TPF Cautions Against July 31 Protest During Covid-19 Menace

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