#Zimbabwe War Veterans: Rhodesia under Ian Smith was better than #Zimbabwe under Mugabe

MUTARE: Repression under the whites in the then Rhodesia was better than under the current government, says Retired Brigadier General, Agrippa Mutambara.

Mutambara, who is a war veteran, made these remarks while addressing party members for the first time as ZimPF interim leader at Moffat Hall in the eastern border city.

“The level of oppression we fought against during the white minority rule was better than what we are currently experiencing from our government,” he said at the weekend.

Mutambara said it pains him to see the same “brave” comrades who faced the white oppressors during the war being used by Zanu PF to suppress people
they took up arms to liberate.

“The comrades were brave during the war but it pains me when they are being used as machinery to suppress the same people they sacrificed their lives to liberate,” said Mutambara.

He said the current constitution was good as it allows freedom of association and expression but blamed President Mugabe for failing to uphold the law.

He added, “You hear some people saying President Mugabe should rule from the grave because they want to loot. Why are we then investing in education when Zanu PF says there is no proper successor for their aging leader? Zimbabwe has the highest literacy rate in the world but why do we allow ourselves to be ruled by an old man who can’t even walk? As ZimPF we say no to hero worshipping.”

Mutambara also said the Heroes Acre has lost its lustre as undeserving individuals were being “smuggled” to the shrine by Mugabe and his party.

“Heroes acre has lost its significance; yes there some Cdes such as Cde Tongogara who are genuine nationalists but the rest are Cde Mugabe’s friends and relatives,” said Mutambara.

He said the only qualification for one to be interred at the national shrine was to support Mugabe’s dictatorial tendencies and his continued hold on power.

“Thus, the only qualification to be buried at Hero’s Acre is either you have to support President Mugabe’s dictatorship or be his close relative. To me that place has lost its value. The country needs a revolutionary Heroes Acre where real heroes must be buried and accorded the respect they deserve,” said Mutambara.


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