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Zimbabwe War Veterans Threaten War Against Germany After Germany Refused to Print New Currency Bond Notes

Zimbabwe War Veterans Threaten War Against Germany After Germany Refused to Print New Currency Bond Notes

Itaitione Ncube
Newsy Editor

Zimbabwe’s feared war veterans are threatening to declare war on Germany over its refusal to print the much-hated bond notes. Government sources told Zimbo Today.com the war veterans are demanding that War Veterans minister, Tshinga Dube, organise a quick meeting between them and their patron, President Robert Mugabe so that he can give Berlin a deadline by which the German firm that print money should print the bond notes should deliver or else they declare war.

This follows the refusal by Giesecke & Devrient to print bond notes for the Zimbabwean government which is accused of trying to re- introduce the Zim Dollar through the backdoor. “Enough is enough! We have tolerated this naked aggression by Nazi Germany for far too long. First they refused to sell money paper to us, and now they are refusing to print the money for us. It is high time we teach them a lesson!” said Cde No-nonsense Totonga, a war veteran who led a high-powered delegation of war vets that invited itself to Zimbo Today.com’s newsroom for an unsolicited fulsome interview.

“Germans think we are so foolish not know that they, together with the British and the Americans, are behind this cash shortage, so we are ordering them to stop this mischief,” Cde Totonga said to wild cheers from members of his delegation. “In fact we wanted to give them 24 hours within which they should start printing our money, but we decided to give him a long rope of 10 days… so that they does not think of us as people who are looking for an excuse to start a needless war just for the sake of war,” chimed in another angry war veteran, Cde Doesn’tmatter Zvombotinazvo.

The bond notes—which Mugabe claims will be a surrogate currency to solve the serious cash shortages resulting from his mismanagement of the economy—was supposed to be introduced in September but it was pushed to early October, then to end of October and to November and now there is talk that it could be pushed back to February next year.




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  • Hannes Coetzee

    Feared veterans Lol? The UN will walk over them.

    • Magic Mushroom

      Poffadder police department will walk over them!!

  • charles

    This dude doesn’t have tv or a cell with data right? Does he know where Germany is? Does he even know what geography is???

    • disqus_mA3WgDie9h

      decolonize geography, then germany is 3km north of Harare

      • jaeger8383

        Decolonize reality too, then Zimbabwe is fully equipped and able to take on the weak, trembling Germans

  • Antonio Sonelli

    He is what you would call a dumb f@& k

  • Shawn

    Feared war veterans?? Bwhahaha that is funny!

  • Avner Eliyahu Romm

    Part of “The Good, the Bad and Mrs. Hani”: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QZryboVDzdU

  • Stephane Nehou

    I was needing a good laugh, and boy did this article deliver! Zim veterans threatening Germany with war?? Holy crap! Mad Bob must be feeding these idiots something seriously potent to think that they can stand up to the Germans! Germany could send only female soldiers and still kick the holy crap out of these morons!

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  • Aragon

    The mighty will fall, but it is not this day, nor by the hand of this “army”!

  • Ace Jack

    The Germans aren’t stupid – Zimbabwe promised to pay them with the same bond notes that they are supposed to print. Doesn’t Zimbabwe have their own printers?

  • Frederick Caiger

    The Germans will beat them with sauerkraut.

  • Francois

    Sience must fall! Oh wait … eish ai man we need money. But thats part of science mr veteran! Tsek wena we dont have time for this racial authority …. Ok then, then ask a black brother to do the job for you as you seem to not even know how to use a printer. Hive us money or we will start the war ….!
    Go ahead, I hope you can read instruction as to how to load a gun as we sit back, relax and enjoy your idiocracy. Do you need a cellphone to google where Germany is? ?? Bounch of idiots

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  • Richard White

    Good luck with that, meanwhile I will get some popcorn and a seat, cant wait to see the Zim War vets declare war on Germany 🙂 Not quiet sure how they will get to Germany though Air Zimbabwe is bankrupt and not allowed to fly to Europe.

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