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#Zimbabwe ZAOGA Church leader Ezekiel Guti embroiled in convicted rapist preacher Walter Masocha issue

American Atheist’s Outrage On The Masocha Sentence
 As paedophile Walter Masocha is secretly planning of migrating to the United States, even though he is technically not allowed in the country, I’m very grateful that most of my contributions about the paedophile are coming from the States. The Against Walter Masocha Campaign continues worldwide, especially in America. Walter Masocha once prophesied that he will be known world wide because of me, well its truly amazing that his prophecy is slowly but surely coming to pass. One professing atheist and activist by the name of Mental Outlaw did a video in protest and disgust of the lenient sentence given to the sex offender. When this video came to my attention, I  was very encouraged, and I personally wrote to Mental Outlaw thanking him for speaking out against the evils of Walter Masocha.   He may be a non believer, an atheist, but this was one of the most powerful videos about Walter Masocha I ever watched. Whilst Zimbabwean Pastors have strictly maintained some dignified  silence on Walter Masocha, a man who doesn’t even believe in God was troubled and disgusted enough to speak out. No wonder the bible says some of he wickedness found among people who claim to love God is not even mentioned among unbelievers. I personally find the silence of Zimbabwean pastors about Masocha equally evil, or rather approving of the evil. As Martin Luther King once said, To ignore evil is tobecome accomplice to it.
One thing that always disheartened me was the very loud silence of Dr Ezekiel Gut on the whole Walter Masocha saga. Dr Ezekiel Guti was the man who literary made Walter Masocha into the monster he is today. Dr Guti ordained Masocha into ministry in Forward In Faith Church where he made him a pastor. It was in Forward In Faith Church  where Sex Offender Walter Masocha started molesting women and children. So bad was his sexual behaviour that Dr Guti ordered for Walter Masocha to be disciplined. Unable to bear the discipline, Walter Masocha then fled Forward In Faith Church and started his own church, Agape For All Nations Ministries Paedophiles International. Surely with all the headlines Walter Masocha made worldwide, why did the man who was at the beginning of all this choose to remain silent? After all he was Walter Masocha’s spiritual father. Walter Masocha copied most of his narcissism from Forward In Faith Church. He even took hundreds of followers from Forward In Faith when he started Agape. If Dr Guti had done the right thing and reported the allegations of sexual assault in his church to the authorities, this blog would not be in existence today as I would have never met  Waltter Mascoha and a lot of lives would have been saved. Its sad when atheists take a stand and speak out against injustice and evil whilst the men of God chose to do nothing about evil. A wise man once said, ” The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good man to do nothing “.
Dr Guti and wife Eunor chose to be silent about evils of Walter Masocha  despite being his spiritual parents
 Talking about spiritual sons, when Masocha fled Forward In Faith Church, he took along with him a young man called Callisto Misi. Callisto is one of Masocha’s most faithful bootlicker follower , besides Shingai Musuka of course. So faithful is Calisto that he stood in front of the Agape Church and cried threatening church members that anyone who rebels or speaks negatively against the paedophile will be cursed by God. He lied that God had directly told him this information whilst he was in a trance in some realm. Full video of the disturbing threats is found below. However according to my sources there is trouble in the satanic realm as it is rumoured Callisto Misi is planning of fleeing the cult and starting his own church, likely to be called Spiritual Realm Ministries International. He sure loves his realms. My duty is to warn gullible followers not to follow men like Callisto Misi. He is another Walter Masocha in the making.  Please watch the video below to understand the spirit of heresy that operates in Callisto Misi. End the article with a conclusion maybe as its like Cut! Now all the so called Pastors from Agape Pedophile Ministries International(APMI) are forming new Churches to continue the Evil Business Plan of Walter Masocha, I urge my Readers to be very alert.
During my Agape days with Callisto Misi and wife Fortunate. He often pushed me to the floor during prayer

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