Zimbabweans outline 2020 ambitions

Audrey Mutasa

Social Media Coordinator

Ordinary Zimbabweans have drawn up a list of issues they want addressed this year, with the economy turning the corner, fighting corruption, and job creation topping the list.

Contributing to an online poll conducted by The Herald yesterday, some Zimbabweans said they also wanted Government to wage a spirited war against machete attackers, who have unleashed terror in gold mining areas, and now some drinking spots in urban areas.

Others want Government to reach an amicable solution with doctors, while also fighting premiums put on cash by mobile money agents.

Brighton Mandeya called for the prioritisation of job creation, revival of industries, farms and mines, and revamping of infrastructure, especially roads, rail and sporting facilities.

“Deal more radically with corruption, uproot looting of government or public funds; update the educational curriculum to bring school leavers up to date with the current global technological trends; increase investor confidence by amending important parts of the Zimbabwean constitution and killing the black market,” he said.

“If Rwanda, Mozambique and other African countries can do it, then why can’t we as Zimbabwe at least attempt. Lord preserve us.”

@Brian_Marshall said: “Eradication of the self-destructive tendencies like the endemic culture of corruption, gross mismanagement of resources, along with removal of sanctions.

A return to accountability all round, ethics & values, true sovereignty.

“Power to the people where every vote is earned on merit.”

Meginhard wants corruption to be eliminated, while the police should up its game in the fight against the vice.

S.Q Mudare said: “Those who ask for the imposition of evil economic sanctions against their own country must be jailed under a law that must be urgently put in place. These opposition people have caused untold suffering and hunger on innocent citizens due to the effects of the sanctions. Viva Zimbabwe.”

B Manzira called for the speedy construction of new roads and refurbishment of existing ones to end accidents that have claimed hundreds of people.

“Bad roads are killing thousands of people, and I believe if the Government starts the new year on roads construction, everyone will be very glad,” wrote B Manzira.

Learnmore Mujere wants “normalcy to prevail in Zimbabwe”.

Apost Tarirai Chadebah called for incentives for companies supporting Zimbabwean sport.

“Reduction of duty on other basic commodities (and) creation of employment (should also be prioritised),” said Apost Tarirai Chadebah.

Wilson Claki Nyakoko said: “All politicians should love Zimbabwe like Americans love their country.”

Tairos Mlauz Maruwa wants a united front against illegal currency dealers and God to bless “our nation”.

Maruwa also wants Dynamos to win the championship and a lasting solution to fuel shortages.

Kudzai Mungofa said: “Streets without money mongers and unscrupulous EcoCash agents”.

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