Zimbabwe’s 5 worst sell-outs and political prostitutes

1. Abel Muzorewa: Known as Abel ‘Mutengesi’ Muzorewa. On 3 March 1978, Muzorewa (pictured below), Sithole and other non-exiled leaders signed an agreement at Governor’s Lodge, Salisbury, which paved the way for the interim government, the leadership of which was an Executive Council made up of Muzorewa, Sithole and Jere, along with Ian Smith. This was against the efforts of the Patriotic Front which insisted on ultimate black majority rule.                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                  Bishop Muzorewa

  First Black Prime Minister In Rhodesia 1979

2. Tendai Biti: On the 26th of April 2014, the Secretary General of the Party convened a meeting of a few members of his faction calling it the meeting of the National Council of the Party.  In that meeting he tried to agitate for the suspension of the leadership of the MDC and effectively install himself and his clique as the leadership of the MDC.


He had other ideas
He had other ideas
Hit by hard times
Hit by hard times

 3. Philip Chiyangwa: Zimbabwe African National Union Patriotic Front (Zanu-PF) former lawmaker, Phillip Chiyangwa—a flamboyant businessman and Mugabe’s nephew—and three others were arrested in 2004 on charges of spying for neighbouring South Africa.They were accused of providing South African President Thabo Mbeki’s government with information on internal Zanu-PF affairs.“It does not matter whether you are my relative or close friend, a sell-out is a sell-out,” the newspaper quoted Mugabe as telling a rally in the northern town of Chinhoyi.“Even my own mother’s child, if he sells out, we condemn him,” Mugabe said at the town where Chiyangwa, his disgraced nephew, was the member of Parliament.

10686919_415064951980505_9019448013080697862_n (1)
Officer Commanding Police Reserve, Matabeleland, Supt. Jack Broderick checks situation with Reservist Philip Chiyangwa carrying out Longstop duties at road block on Mafeking Road, Bulawayo, during volatile last week before 1980 election



4. Arthur Mtambara:


It was hard to ever tell where Mtambara stood. He seemed to sympathize with Morgan Tsvangirai and the struggle for democracy whilst also seeking the good graces of Robert Mugabe.

'Iron' sharpens 'iron'
‘Iron’ sharpens ‘iron’

One minute he blasted Mugabe, the next betrayed Tsvangirai by siding Mugabe and blasting the West against the MDC’s efforts to repair international relations. 


Analysts said the garrulous robotics professor should never have been in politics in the first place if he did not have the stamina to last the distance. “He was more of a political accident…he has the brains, but he was victim of irrelevance,” said Dumisani Nkomo, a political analyst. Others say Mutambara was an “opportunist” and this has been exposed by his lack of relevance in the political scheme of things in the aftermath of last year’s elections.

5. Robert Mugabe (The Greatest of them all):


Why has he ruled Zimbabwe for 34 years till he is 90? Is Zimbabwe bereft of other capable leaders? Mugabe fought for Zimbabwe’s independence against white minority rule in Rhodesia.



Now he has presided over the sad demise of what Zimbabweans collectively fought for. Zimbabwe, the jewel of Africa shineth no more. It’s now evident that it’s all about him and no one else. Once Africa’s hero, now Africa’s shame. Mugabe has been responsible for the mass slaughter of Zimbabweans who oppose him, starting with the Gukurahundi massacres to electoral violence. It is under his rule that the world has experienced master class electoral fraud as he helplessly clings onto power like a madman. 

Mugabe sleeping at a meeting
Mugabe sleeping at a meeting



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  1. Great list! I disagree with #5. The downfall of the economy does not translate to him selling out. He’s been consistent over the years unlike the other four. Just because you do not like him doesn’t mean he’s a sell out.

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