Zimbabwe’s Top Ten Sexiest Women Alive!!

 1. Vimbai Mutinhiri


2. Pokello Nare


10592998_848202418546725_779205983440597174_n 10403697_841928572507443_6169909278797272280_n

3. The General’s Wife, Mrs Mary Chiwenga

Mrs Mary Chiwenganews_bMary-Chiwenga-250

4. SuperModel Sibo Bero

The gorgeous Sibo Bhero


5. Grace Mugabe

robert-mugabe-and-grace-mugabe-1-20-11 MUGABE

The former State House typist, now First Lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe

6. Cynthia Mare

Beauty with Brains

7. Tinashe Kachingwe

Rn'B sensation Tinashe Kachingwe, Zimbo-American girl
Rn’B sensation Tinashe Kachingwe, Zimbo-American girl

8. Makosi Musasambi

Makosi, the former BBA beauty, entrepreneur and host of Makosi Today TV show
Makosi, the former BBA beauty, entrepreneur and host of Makosi Today TV show

9. Nyasha Matonhodze

ZIMBABWEAN model Nyasha Matonhodze is one of the faces of luxury French fashion label Louis Vuitton’s .The confident Nyasha’s poise and maturity belies her 20 years of age.

Nyasha-Matonhodze-2 Nyasha-Matonhodze-Vogue-UK-May-2012-01

10. Rosanna Hall

rosanna hall
Rosanna Hall, the Zimbabwean model
Rosanna Hall
Rosanna Hall
On the job

11.Elizabeth Macheka

Elizabeth Tsvangirai addressing an MDC rally in Mutare
Elizabeth Tsvangirai addressing an MDC rally in Mutare
Elizabeth Tsvangirai nee Macheka, wife of MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai
Elizabeth Tsvangirai nee Macheka, wife of MDC president Morgan Tsvangirai

 12. Michelle Chiyangwa

10506585_10152596749733819_7529501299168394923_o 1507044_10152060544813819_1706182724_n

Philip Chiyangwa's daughter, Michelle
Philip Chiyangwa’s daughter, Michelle

13. Singer and dancer Sandra Ndebele

640_1024_ndebele_sandra Sandra-Ndebel-performs-during-the-Zahara-show SANDY

 14. Exotic Dancer Bev Sibanda

images-beverly_sibanda_752504219 Beverly-Sibanda-zim beverlysibanda beverlysibanda5jan

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  1. Not Grace. I Can Take her out. Tinashe Cynthia then pokelo. the rest will then follow.

  2. no Alaina? Juicebox? Makadhakwa

  3. MMMM the order of this list is very wrong. Pokello should be first, uyu ari pa 1 should be last. 1.Pokello 2.Sibo 3.Rosanna Hall 4.Cynthia 5.Nyasha and so on…

  4. there are other women who are sexiest than grace mugabe…… its only kuti u pick famous idiots chete, ukafamba muharare umu unotoona kuti list renyu munoritangidza…. the likes of Vimbai Studio 263, tinopona katsande, Maka (Legacies), Evangelista Mwatse (Small hse Saga) etc…

  5. Utter nonsense.Mashonaland 10 sexiest ladies.

  6. Did you mean sexiest celebrities ?

  7. masiya Mai Mujuru

  8. Munotopengawo imi, Mai Mugabe? Maybe noisiest, but Makosi manje isimbi!

  9. Do you people know how to count?

  10. please instagram pictures are not realistic pictures so no instagrams natural zimbabwean beauty please…….. will vote on originality ….

  11. that michelle chiyangwa is cute tho!! eh mdara chiyangwa ndirikuuya kuzoroora ikweyo

  12. this list is over 10, it includes people who are famous but honestly not hot (sexy) take the likes of ruveneko parirenyatwa??? its your top ten, not Zimbabwe’s

  13. this is someone’s fantasy hit-list. criterion iri dodgey iyi..
    shuwa dr amai vanganzi vari sexy how?

  14. Like seriously who on earth compiles these lists? Like maybe only 5 of these people should be here. This makes Zim look bad.

  15. Hapana Hapana vashanu chete ndivo vakakodzera apo bt Grace n chiwenga heheheheee mashura angu simbi inoweta kuzototisandara ndebele i think comp yenyu yaitwa nebofu visit MSU wozotangidza futi….

  16. tinashe makosi etc

  17. Author… this whole thing is wrong… How about you do a nomination thing first and then call people to vote and I think it’ll be great to have a set judging criteria and info on how your results came about… Is this the Top 12 Sexiest of all Times because if we talk of recent times, some of these pics are heavily outdated!! Please Please Please can we have something more defined… Thanks

  18. I like the new found celebration of our lasses beauty good stuff.But lets be more professional about it.Stop sucking up to politicians! The top post is between Nyasha Matonhodze and Tinashe….leave out geriatrics and those who are holding us at randsom…..

  19. This list is an embarrassment and utter trash. Wish the exception of 3 ladies the rest are blah blah blah. And to even put Grace on it really??? Somebody fire the sorry excuse of a journalist who posted this

  20. mai tsvangirai

  21. I wll vote for queen of swag…..go pokello go gal
    kkkkk Sandra amana

  22. MMM, I really don’t know what people see in Pokelo. She is just an average girl.

  23. hapana kunzi vane mafake degrees apa. Grace haakwane. aikwana kare. dzakaita mukurumbira dzinorira paradio zimbabwe na 3 masikati

  24. Michelle Chiyangwa is hot though eish……….

  25. hahahahahahahahahaha Dead!!! hakuna list rakadai

  26. Is this a parody site? Because I get the joke

  27. This election was rigged as usual lol ha ha ha ha ha ha ha ha . Manyepa apo lol maiwee lmfao ahhhh ki ki ki ki ki who nominated sm of these ppl tinashe is th hotest by th way lol

  28. Tinashe and Pokello the rest can go and sit down

  29. BEV???? uuuuhh! Munopenga here imi???

  30. Bev anosemesa puuuuu!!!!!!!

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