Zimbo Legends releases new album

Vongai Mbara Arts Correspondent
A Chimurenga musical group, Zimbo Musical Legends has released a new album titled “Bhinya Ngaribatwe”. The 10- track album has several songs “Bhinya Ngaribatwe”, “Musha Wenyu”, “Mudiwa Wangu” and “Gwindingwi II” focusing on social issues.

The group headed by Florence Nyamazana widely known as Lioness has been releasing music based on social commentary.
In an interview, Lioness said the album encourages parents and guardians to speak out about rape instead of protecting criminals.

“I am a victim of rape and I feel it is my responsibility to speak out about it. Usually parents are too ashamed to put it out there when their children are raped but they will be actually protecting the criminals. In this album, we are saying speak out and let criminals be locked in jail where they belong,” she said.

Lioness encouraged fellow musicians to represent the public and use their platforms to entertain and educate as well.
“Musicians are the mouthpiece of the public and we should take that seriously. It is our duty to bring awareness and educate the public.

“Sometimes the responsible authorities can be relaxed and it is our duty to constantly remind them about issues affecting the public,” said Lioness.

Lioness said the album is rich in mbira, drums and hosho instruments to compliment the Zimbabwean culture.
She also urged local radio stations to support the Chimurenga genre.

“I hope local radio stations will start supporting and promoting us now by playing our music because lately they have been shunning us. Chimurenga music is our original Zimbabwean sound and it will be a shame if we do not embrace it,” said Lioness.

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