Zimnat offers small business affordable loans

At Zimnat we have a clear purpose: to make life better. Sustainable living should be commonplace for everyone. We look for opportunities to support, inspire, reward and collaborate with entrepreneurs. We call them change-makers, innovators who are the future of sustainable growth.

Funding is the lifeblood of any business. Without access to appropriate, affordable funding, business growth is stifled, if not killed altogether.

One of our core values at Zimnat is partnership, working together with our clients for their benefit. We believe that the needs of each client are unique. They need special attention.

We have dedicated resources to understanding your business and its needs, through site visits and working together with you towards the success of your project in the most effective and efficient way.

With a lower cap of $200 and an upper cap of $250 000, Zimnat is ready to provide loans to help any kind of legal business stand firm despite the economic challenges. Zimnat has made it simpler and easier to grow your desired business.

All our loans are insured against death and permanent disability. There is no need to worry about your hard earned accumulated benefits being diverted to pay off your loan balances when you are gone or in the event of your suffering a permanent disability that prevents you from working. In the event of death or permanent disability, the insurance policy will pay off your loan.

Zimnat is your one stop shop that embraces you in your journey through life, making life better for you.

If your business is unable to cope with demand due to inadequate stock levels or seasonal fluctuations, Zimnat’s loan facility enables you to boost your stocks or working capital in order to meet such a demand.

We finance businesses from micro to medium enterprise level. We help alleviate poverty by providing sustainable funding for the economically active poor

We provide affordable funding to businesses for trade, services, manufacturing and for the food and beverages and agricultural sectors.

We also provide funding for the unbanked and those who bank insufficient for them to access a bank loan.

We also provide business coaching and mentoring for clients before and after they receive funding. Financing smallholder farmers enables them to treat their farming as a business.

We pride ourselves on offering competitive interest rates. Zimnat Financial Services is part of a big Zimnat/Sanlam family, which mitigates the risk, enabling us to charge affordable fees. Our loans are fairly spread, providing our clients with flexible options. The cap for the loan size is conveniently set as well.

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