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Zimpost scoops gold award at ZITF 2018

The newly branded Zimpost scooped a gold medal at the just ended Zimbabwe International Trade Fair held from April 23 to 28 2018 in Bulawayo. Zimpost came first in the Best Exhibit: Packaging, Plastics, Stationery/publishing/printing group category.

At the fair, Zimpost was showcasing its new digitalised services, the online shopping service done through its www.zimpostmall.post  e-shop; the virtual post office which is an interactive customer portal that enables full interaction with the post office for services without physically visiting it.

New Zimpost logo  unveiled at ZITF
Zimpost has evolved over time from being a provider of predominately manual and low technology service provider to an entity that offers a wide range of technology driven services. Zimpost is opening a new leaf to be a digital entity through introduction of new digital services and migrating its old services to the mobile and e-platforms. It is against this background that it became imperative for the company to reposition itself in the market, so as to re-invigorate and energise the brand name in the market by revamping the logo to bring out the real complexion of the current Zimpost thrust and direction.

The unveiling of the new logo is a commencement of branding events that include the unveiling of the new uniforms, rolling out of new, exciting technology based services.

The new Zimpost logo

The new logo symbolises the new revamped Zimpost which aims at connecting people and businesses through the delivery of quality services using ICT-based solutions. The new logo carriers the corporate colours, blue and red.

Blue symbolises strength, stability and royalty in service delivery. Red is the Post Office red which is an international Post Office trademark, which speaks to the dynamic nature of the postal business.

The lashes in the letter ‘O’ represent the convergence in technology and services which has inspired Zimpost to fully embrace technology in providing services to its customers.

The new corporate position statement, ‘delivering possibilities’ reflects the new direction that the company is pursuing as an enabler of possibilities, it is a renewal of commitment to satisfy our customers’ needs in this era of technological explosion. The distinction on the colours between ‘Zim’ and ‘Post’ in blue and red gives the logo a clear depiction of the post office brand in the market.

Zimpost on line shopping mall and virtual Post  Office launched at ZITF 2018 Zimpost Mall

Zimpostmall.post is an online platform where people can buy or sell goods. As the number of sellers are being contracted for the site, the variety of good on offer also multiplies thereby enhancing the shopping experience of our customers.

Virtual Post Office

Virtual Post Office is an online portal that allows the customer to tour the post office through the internet and make online enquiries and do transactions as well

Zimpost also unveiled new postmen and postwomen uniforms.

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