The Zimbabwe National Water Authority (ZINWA) has cut off  water supplies in Gwanda to force the town council to settle its US$10 million debt.

The cash strapped council on the other hand  is struggling to offset the ballooning debt  and has been lobbying the government to allow it to take over the water treatment plant from ZINWA and run its water affairs .

As the two government entities continue bickering, consumers are the once who suffer as the town has run dry.

Speaking during a full council meeting, Gwanda Town Mayor, Councillor Knowledge Ndlovu said ZINWA should give council time to roll out its prepaid water meter programme before installing bulk water metres in the town.

The current impasse has also seen council suspending plans to waiver vulnerable members of the community from paying for council services due to their financial status.

The council has also appealed to defaulting Gwanda residents to pay their bills to enable the local authority to offset its debt to ZINWA.