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Boniface Chimedza Arts Correspondent
When the fire of talent lights up in a man’s heart, he will do the extraordinary, but when a man is seized by a divine calling, then God’s calling is substantiated by the type of fruit the man produces.

Buoyed a burning talent that is evidently driven by a divine calling, the Zimbabwe Republic Police (ZRP) Morris Depot Chaplain Kenny Mushuku has released a Single titled “Wakasira Sei?”

The Single centres its message on the biblical act of deception that Jacob played on his father Isaac to surreptitiously swindle the blessing of his twin brother Esau, who was the elder of the two.

“Wakasira Sei?” is inspired by the wise question that Isaac, whose eyesight was poor because of his old age, asks his son Jacob, believing him to be Esau, how he had managed to find and kill his animal so quickly.

Isaac had sent Esau to hunt an animal and with it prepare a meal for him so that he could eat his fill before blessing him. The biblical narrative is from the 27th chapter of the book of Genesis.

Mushuku contextualises Jacob’s usurpation of Esau’s blessing as an act of corruption, contrasting it to a myriad of corrupt engagements and activities dominating the contemporary society today.

While the musician draws the listener’s attention to the biblical event, he also artistically draws a parallel paradigm of the way most people get material things the wrong way, thereby giving the song a dual meaning which has a thought provoking effect on the hearts and minds of the audience.

“Wakasira Sei?”, which in this context means “How did you do it so fast?”, is a question that Mushuku in his lyrics is asking to all those people who rush to get things done prematurely in life, while forsaking the necessary processes of achieving their goals through patience and diligence.

The artiste is however, not a newcomer in the music industry, having released a 6 track Album in 2011 titled “New Revelation”, followed by “Anenyasha”, a 10 track Album that he released in 2015.

Mushuku, who stated that he is in the process of raising funds to come up with a classic video that explains the message in the song “Wakasira Sei?”, expressed profound gratitude in the support he got from Rev. Chivaviro in the compilation of the song, describing him as “a humble man of God”.

The musician has worked with renowned gospel musician Charles Charamba, whom he said has continuously mentored him in different artistic aspects over the years, including partly giving him guidance on lyrical aspects of “Wakasira Sei?”

“I am a Chaplain at ZRP Morris Depot, so I am not a full time gospel musician. I would like to acknowledge the support I am being given by the ZRP Command, who have embraced my gift and are allowing me to exhibit my talent to the rest of Zimbabwe”, Mushuku  added.

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