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#Zimbabwe Citizens Hold US$1 Billion in Offshore Accounts

A Parliamentary organ on the national budget has raised concern over a spike in cash held by Zimbabweans in offshore bank accounts, which escalated to nearly $1 billion during the current half of the year. In a first quarter report on the budget performance and outlook, the Parliament Budget Office …

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China to build ‘Disneyland in Africa’ in Victoria Falls, Zimbabwe

VICTORIA FALLS, June 20 (The Source) – Zimbabwe has signed a comprehensive agreement with unnamed Chinese investors for the construction of its ‘Disneyland in Africa’, a tourism and conference theme park in the resort town of Victoria Falls, the tourism minister said on Wednesday. In 2013, the impoverished southern African …

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#Zimbabwe Government has US$1 Billion Negative Balance With World Bank

#Zimbabwe Government has US$1 Billion Overdraft With World Bank Tawanda Karombo Zimbabwe’s bond notes might have eased some of the country’s liquidity challenges, but the World Bank warned the country’s financial markets were too small to absorb the government’s $1billion (R13bn) overdraft with the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.The World Bank …

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